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Yelp is a famous app available for smartphones including Apple, Android and Windows phones. If you are looking for useful travel apps, Yelp is a must pick. Here is the Yelp app review as a travel app.

Yelp android app works like a travel attendant for you wherever in the world you go. Yelp free app comes with a huge database of restaurants, hotels, shops, markets as well as local businesses at different locations of the world. Yelp not only provides the basic details about a business but also users reviews and recommendations about a particular local business at a particular place.



It helps you locate nearby business easily and in a very simple way. Simply select your desired business category or type your desired search words and let Yelp do its work. With the help GPS system of your device, it will come up with the best possible suggestions for you. Yelp uses suggestions of other Yelpers’, their reviews and ratings.


“Yelp helps you locate hotels, restaurants, hospitals and shops around wherever you are!”


Find hotels, restaurants, shops or hospitals at strange places..

When you are miles away from home, lodged in a strange city and your stomach asks you for a spicy pizza (or whatever), Yelp would help you in locating nearest pizza shops around with ratings and recommendations. Or if you
are not feeling well, you must visit a clinic, a hospital for some emergency, again Yelp would help. Beyond these
examples, there would be many reasons you would need Yelp in order to search certain local businesses at certain places.

If you are a traveling a trip, in or outside your country, you must install Yelp, it will accompany you like a guide. You
don’t know about a city, a town but Yelp does. Make benefit of this free travel app especially when you are on the go for a trip.



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