The World’s Top 10 Underwater Photographers

underwater photographers

Underwater Photography

Underwater photography requires special tools and knowledge in addition to unique techniques, accurate focus and correct exposure. At the same time, underwater photos suffer from loss of contrast and colour when they are taken at a significant depth.

However, these photographers have mastered the complex art of underwater photography. These individuals have the talent to create fresh, truly unique and vivid underwater photos. Here are the top 10 underwater photographers in the world today.

1. Adriana Basques

Adriana Basques grew up in Brazil with a passion for photography. However, what ignited her interest in underwater photography was when she became a diver. Since then, she has been enamoured with this craft as an art form.

She says that Southeast Asia is one region that has provided her with unparalleled underwater photographic opportunities. The biodiversity and marine life has drawn her back a number of times. She also continues to travel to many exotic locations around the globe to capture timeless beauty.

2. Eric Cheng

This Taiwanese American professional photographer specialises in underwater work. He also publishes and owns Wetpixel, an underwater photography website. At the same time, he is the publisher and editor of the Wetpixel Quarterly. This print magazine is dedicated to underwater conservation and photography.

Cheng has also made major contributions to underwater photography through his online community, magazine, research expeditions and seminars. At the same time, he has a great eye for both wide angle and macro underwater photography.



3. David Doubilet

David Doubilet has an intimate and long vision of the sea. He started taking pictures at age 12 using a Brownie Hawkeye Camera hat stuffed in a rubber anaesthesiologist bag. He has spent five decades capturing underwater photos from rich temperate seas to tropical coral reefs. He has also contributed to many publications and won numerous photographic awards.

4. Alexander Safonov

Alexander Safonov began his underwater photography career in 2004 with compact cameras before progressing to digital SLRs. His favourite photography style is wide angle while his favourite subject is marine life that is up close and personal. His underwater photography work has won several prestigious awards and was published in a number of media outlets around the world.

5. Daniel Botelho

Botelho is an award winning photojournalist who is highly skilled in underwater photography. This photographer’s work is seen in hundreds of advertising campaigns. What makes his work unique is that it captures the heart. Today, he regularly contributes to publications in 20 countries.

6. Brian Skerry

Skerry is a photojournalist and underwater photographer who specializes in ocean environments and marine wildlife. Since 1998, he has been an expert contract photographer for National Geographic Magazine covering a wide range of marine life. He is also praised around the world for his aesthetic sense along with his journalistic drive for relevance.

7. Norbert Wu

Norbert Wu is one of the most preeminent marine photographers in the world. He is also an independent filmmaker and photographer who has photographed marine images in almost every conceivable part of the world. His photography has appeared in thousands of films, magazines and books.

8. David Fleetham

Fleetham is one of the world’s most published underwater photographers. His award-winning photographs have been published around the world with over 200 magazine covers to date. At the same time, his work appears in National Geographic as well as almost every North American diving publication.

9. Keri Wilk

Although he is only 26 years of age, Wilk has accumulated nearly 16 years of underwater photography experience. He has also spent hundreds of hours documenting the Caribbean’s fauna and flora. His underwater photograph specialty is portraits of sea creatures and fish. Many of them have been published in Reefnet’s Fishes of the Caribbean and Adjacent Waters.



10. Dmitry Miroshnikov

Miroshnikov is an award winning photographer from Russia. He says that he is drawn to underwater photography because it is a completely different world that is close to mankind. He uses a Canon 5d Mark II camera to take the majority of his underwater shots.

Although underwater photography is hard for many people, these individuals have shown that it can be an art form that has lots of potential with commitment and enthusiasm. Thanks to these individuals, everyone can truly understand life below the waves.


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