Where to See Crocodiles in Australia?

Have You Happened to See Crocodile in Australia?

where to see crocodiles in australia

Crocodiles in Australia (Image via Wikipedia)

That’s strange. Most of the locals and tourists have must seen Kangaroos live in Australia. And as Australia is also said the ‘Land of Kangaroos’. But if we talk about seeing crocos, there would seldom voices. Yet, crocodiles exist in some areas of Australia but in few of numbers. Let’s tell you where to see crocodiles in Australia.

Most of the crocodiles exist in Northern Territories of Australia and if you want to see them or take their snaps or get yourself scared, you would need to head to the northern areas of Australia.

Having this interesting question coined in mind, I searched it on the net and found that though less but there are people who not only have seen the crocodiles but also discussing their swimming experiences with the crocos in the fresh waters. Tourists can also see them in zoos and wildlife parks in Australia such as Hartley’s Crocodile Park and Reptile Park. Some people witness them in Daintree River, northern Cairns in Queensland.



My research also let me know that they can also be found in Western Australia, in Kimberley in the Fitzroy River. However, the best choice is to visit wildlife parks as their is variety for you at one place and more of all they are safe for humans.

Digging into more depth, be known that there are two main types of crocodiles which you must be careful of. The Freshwater crocodile (freshie) and the saltwater crocodile (saltie). As discussed above, both of them will be found in northern areas where water exists such as rivers, wetlands, backwaters, estuaries, and other places with stagnant water.

The Freshie croco is calm unless irritated. Just watch it from due distance and as you committed the provocation, there are chances that it will surely attack you. Remaining cautious is better.

Fresh water alligators have narrow jaws around 3 meters long. Salties are larger in size with huge snout with nightmare teeth. Yes, be aware!



The saltie is more dangerous and can attack the people around even if anyone does not irritate it. Never underestimate its  peril even if you are at a far distance.

And never stand by near they are supposed to be. It may be very risky standing there and spending your brain in judging that is that freshie or saltie. Don’t be adventurous, it is unsafe as they may be anywhere around you.

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