Travel Alert for Serbia – February 01, 2014

Everyone is himself responsible for his traveling to any country, He is also responsible for personal safety in any country he visits. This Travel Advice is purposed at providing latest information in order to let you take appropriate decisions for your safety.

Areas bordering Kosovo

You should be taking high caution for visiting the areas adjacent to Kosovo because of the political intense situation and expected unrest in the areas.


Probability of occurrence of street crime is similar to other regions in Europe especially in urban areas. Pickpocketing may happen at public places like public transport stops, airports and theaters. Foreign visitors are the main target of thieves. Car thieves try to target luxury four-wheel vehicles more than other ordinary model cars.

Take necessary steps to ensure the safety of your own self and your belongings. Close the windows and lock the doors while driving.

Demonstrations, protests and roadblocks take place usually and possibly go violent abruptly, particularly in surroundings of government offices and embassies. Avoid your passage through or near the demonstrations, avoid large gatherings and packed passages, observe the advice of local and international authorities and keep yourself up to date with local and international news.



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