Tokyo Samurai Festival Japan (Samurai Matsuri)

samurai matsuri festival tokyo japan

Horse Parade in Samurai Festival

The Samurai Festival is one of the most wonderful and remarkable festivals in Japan. In Japanese, it is called Samurai ‘Matsuri’ as Matsuri means ‘Festival’ in Japanese language. Samurai Festival is celebrated on December 14th, every year in the capital city – Tokyo – Japan.

Festival starts with a parade in which 47 Ronin Warriors in which lords of enemy, folk dancers, floats, and customary music is included. The parade starts from Ako Castle, passing through the streets of Tokyo, and finishes at JR Banshu-Ako Sta.

This wonderful festival is very famous and often telecasted on Television programs, movies and prominent theaters of Japan.

So guys, if you are in Japan or planning your trip before December 14th, it is a golden chance for you to join and indulge yourself into the beauty of Japanese culture.







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