QZ8501 Missing AirAsia Plane – Search Work Continues

Tuesday December 30 Update:

AirAsia Plane Debris

AirAsia Plane Debris Found in Java Sea – Photo: AFP

A couple of Indonesian Television channels are putting the images of plane debris live. Emergency slide can be seen floating in the sea in the corresponding images.

According to AFP, some items of plane are seen in Java sea which look like an emergency slide and plane door. AFP breaks this one behalf of Agus Dwi Putranto, an Indonesian Air Force official.


QZ8501 – AirAsia Plane Still Missing

Misfortune to another Southeastern plane (Flight QZ8501) in 2014.

This time an AirAsia airplane, with 162 passengers onboard including 7 staff members and 17 children, found missing after 42 minutes of flight. Passengers onboard belong to several countries including Indonesia, England and France. Plane took off from Surabaya, coastal city of Indonesia for Singapore.



According to AirAsia, flight QZ8501 was swerved away from its due path because of bad weather conditions. AirAsia added on Facebook that at 7:24 am local Indonesian Time (42 minutes later its take off), plane lost the contact with Control Tower at Jakarta. QZ8501 was supposed to land Singapore after one hour.

AirAsia QZ8501 Missing Details:

As per the details, an airplane (Flight QZ8501) of a private Malaysian Airline – AirAsia – went missing during its flight from Indonesia to Singapore. Plane was flying over the sea at the time it lost the contact with Jakarta Air Traffic Control.

Missing Flight QZ8501

Flight QZ8501 Source and Destination – It missed between Tanjung Pandan and Pontianak. Photo: 7News

A senior official of Indonesian Transport Ministry Hadi Mustofa tells media that a flight QZ8501 flew from Surabaya, Indonesia to land at Singapore. It had to reach Singapore at 8:30 am but at 6:17 am, after 42 minutes of the take off, it found missing. Passenger plane was flying on the unusual route due to weather conditions. It was also instructed to fly higher to prevent the clouds.

Aircraft was A320-200 Airbus have registration number PK-AXC. There were 155 passengers including 16 children and 7 members of plane staff.

149 of the passengers were from Indonesia, 3 belonged to South Korea, and one from Britain, Singapore and Malaysia each while the pilot was from France.



Most of the travelers were tourists going to Singapore for tourism. According to a British News Agency, American President Barack Obama was briefed about the incident at Honolulu. According the News Channel, the search continued whole day however at night it was stopped due to bad light and weather.

Hadi Mustofa told: “We ended at 1730 because it was getting dark. The weather was also not too good as it was getting really cloudy.” “Tomorrow we will begin at 7 am, or even earlier than that if the weather is good,” he added – @AFP

AirAsia Indonesia is an associate of AirAsia, which is headquartered in Malaysia. The safety record of AirAsia is believed to be the safest with no deadly accidents caused by their planes. Overall, the air safety history of Indonesia is deemed very poor due to several mishaps took place earlier. Many of Indonesia’s carriers have been banned by European Union.


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