Planning Your First Trip to Hawaii

If you are planning your first trip to Hawaii, you are likely  to start your trip from Honolulu International Airport that is on Oahu. This is Hawaii’s main air terminal, serving as the entrance point for a large portion of Hawaii’s guests. All real local transporters and numerous worldwide bearers serve Oahu, so you can get here from pretty much anyplace. There are many private jets that can take you to all the neighboring islands like Maui, Kauai, and Hawaii big island, yet generally, you may need to first come to Oahu to get to the neighbor islands including Lanai and Molokai. You can Visit the notable points of interest of Hawaii and research the rich society of the islands, learn how to surf, or snorkel. Investigate about Hawaii six novel islands and you are certain that your first outing to Hawaii won’t be your last. Talk about anything and you have it in Hawaii from exercise to shopping you name it and you have it.

Where is Hawaii:

Hawaii, a place that is known to be as clear as an ocean, and for its sun kissed shorelines secured with perfect white sands, is arranged on an archipelago in the focal locale of the Pacific Ocean. It is placed on the southwest district of the landmass of North America. The area of Hawaii is on the southeastern side of Japan, and the north eastern side of Australia. Interestingly, Hawaii is few of that places that is not found on the territory. Hawaii is famous for a lot of the things, it is known as the coffee producing region, also known to be the historical god of other areas.

Best time to visit Hawaii:

If you ask me when is the best time to go to Hawaii I’ll say anytime of the year can be the best month to visit Hawaii because this place is worth coming to in any of your vacations. For people who are thinking that they want a luxurious trip yet not much expensive should visit Hawaii in off seasons and that is during winters. I am calling it off season because a little less number of people plan their holidays during winters so the fares for flights are cheap, you will get a lavish hotel in low rates. One drawback for those who are not much rain lovers is, during winters there are many short as well as long rain showers after periodic intervals, But these rain showers won’t be a trouble; trust me. If you are going during summers than you must make yourself prepare yourself in a way that you already book the flights, hotels, car rental in advance if not then you may have to get in line as this is the peak season for people to come here.



Facilities in Hawaii:

As Hawaii is the most loved and visited vacation spot it has a lot of facilities for its tourists so they have to face no trouble if they are coming here to spend quality time with their families. In all parts of its Islands either it’s less visited or is among the most famous one. It has facilities like clinics, location meter, banks, bus services, administration, car rentals etc. These facilities are provided to the visitors to make their trip hassle free.  You just need to have the tour guide with you to track these offices and be there on the right time. Hawaii travel guide can also be a good idea.

Hawaii airports:

Hawaii has a number of airports not only in Hawaii but also in other smaller Islands of Hawaii. They are listed according to their island below. Through this it will be easy for you to choose your flights and reach the exact destinations you want to.
● Honolulu International Airport is in Honolulu.
● Kahului Airport is in Kahului.
● Kona International Airport at Kailua/Kona.
● Lihue Airport at Lihue.
● Hilo International Airport at Hilo.
● Molokai Airport at Kaunakakai.
● Lanai Airport at Lanai City.

Weather in Hawaii:

The area where Hawaii is located has a weather liked by many of the people. Climate in Hawaii is exceptionally steady, with just minor changes in temperature as the year progressed. People come here in either of the seasons and still not get uncomfortable of the weather. There are truly just 2 seasons in Hawaii i.e. Summer from May to October and winter from November to April. Summer season is sticky yet at the same time very pleasant. The winter season is extremely charming with periodic rainfall and cool breeze. The winter season is likewise the time when greater part of explorers visit this tropical heaven. Hawaii’s close shore water temperatures stay agreeable as the year progressed. The normal water temperature is 74F. Wave conditions are frequently extremely confined, still if they get out of control you can always find calmer waves surf on other beaches.

How much a trip to Hawaii cost for 2:

Whether you are planning a honeymoon trip or a family trip for two to Hawaii the range of the budget varies accordingly. Everyone would like to have a trip that is full of fun but within their designated budget. The first thing that you will have to pay for are the flight fares which for two ranges from $1500 to $2000 depending on the type of the flight you want. Then comes the accommodation which varies from the luxury of the hotel, for a couple a room with a little kitchenette will be more than enough if you planning to cook yourself but if you want to eat outside a single room will do the best. The cost of a room for one night in an average hotel ranges from $700 and above. Then comes the food expense this vary from what you are choosing to eat, either you are cooking yourself or you want to dine out. Cooking yourself will cost you $70 and above for one day but going out for dinner in a luxurious hotel will charge you $150 and above.

Apart from all these charges you need to keep some amount of money for the car rental or the bus services etc. You can also spare some amount for shopping always.



How many days for a trip to Hawaii:

No one is certain which Hawaiian island can be your sort of heaven? Any island would make an important excursion, however not everyone has that specific blend of traits that makes it ideal for you. So before you plan a vacation to Hawaii you need to make sure to research about the hotels, flights and food in advance so that you know better what type of vacation you are looking forward to and how many days will it take to stay there. You may need one day for each of the islands but few of the islands are so big that one day may not be enough. I will suggest you to take two weeks’ vacation so you have plenty of time to stay at each island as much as you want. On the other hand if you are short of time I will suggest you to only choose two to three islands so that you can thoroughly enjoy each of them in shorter period of time. You need to keep one day to visit the Pearl Harbor too as that is top on the list priority.

Interesting facts about Hawaii:

● Barack Obama is the only president of US who was born in Hawaii.
● Hawaii is a states which is completely made up of islands.
● Hawaii is the only nation that grows coffee.
● Hawaii is the main state that is not geologically placed in North America, is totally encompassed by water, and does not have a straight line in its state limit.
● Hawaii is the only US state whose area range is expanding from volcanic ejections.
● Hawaii has the highest population in the US.
A lot of the species in Hawaii are becoming extinct with time because of the changes in weather.
● Among all US states, Hawaii has the most elevated rate of ladies in the workforce.


Hawaii Festivals and Celebrations:

Hawaii has number of festivals going around within it which are not national holidays but are observed as Hawaii local holidays. Few of the many are:
Chinese new year: Chinese New Year is celebrated yearly between late January and mid-February in Hawaii. During this festival People greet each other saying ‘Happy new year’. Chinese New Year was celebrated in china but was brought in Hawaii in 1855. A lot of food items are served in during this event. The lion dance is the most popular part of this festival.
May Day: It is celebrated every year during the first week of May. This event is called Lei day in Hawaii. The major celebrations of this event includes dancing, singing and cake eating. People on this day celebrate the culture of Hawaii by wearing Lei, a flower. In 1929 this day was made official holiday in Hawaii.
Boy’s Day: This day is celebrated on 5th of May. It was initially a Japanese holiday but was brought to Hawaii. During this event the family hand one carp for one boy in the house. They believe this will bring courage and power in the boys of the house.
Girl’s Day: Girls day is celebrated on 3rd of the March in Hawaii. This too was a Japanese holiday and is known as Shinto purification ceremony in Japanese. On this day the girls get a new collection of dolls. This day is celebrated to show peace and beauty for the girls and through this it is believe that this day will bring happiness and marriage for the young women.

Hawaii tourism authority:

The Hawaii Tourism authority is in charge of supporting projects that upgrade and showcase Hawaii’s kin, place and society to convey an exceptional guest experience. Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) is the lead state organization for tourism. It was established in 1998. Its major activities are to: Arrange tourism and make sure to provide facilities to the visitors and improve the economy. Introduce and manage products for the entertainment of the tourists. Coordinating tourism-related exploration arranging special and effort exercises with the general population and private segments.


Packing for Hawaii:

If you have finally planned to visit Hawaii so you should now start packing, there are few things that need to be packed with you in order to have a hassle free trip. First and the most important thing is your ticket and passport without which obviously you cannot start your journey. You should have all important phone numbers in your phone in case if you are misplaced you are able to inform your dear ones. You should always have a bag of medicine you need along with you in case you don’t find it in Hawaii. You need to keep towels, tissues, swipes and other toiletries along to help you save money over there. Keep your favorite pair of hats and shades that make you look good in pictures. Keep bright color clothes and slippers according to the theme of Hawaii.



Checklist for Hawaii trip:

● Map of Hawaii’s all islands and a Hawaii handbook.
● Umbrellas and raincoats
● Swim suits
● First aid box
● Swim suit
● Fully charged cameras
A pair of extra shoes or flip flops
● Sun glasses and Sun blocks
● Some junk food to take along with you whole day.


Hawaii travel precautions:

Generally you are exceptionally protected on the Hawaiian Islands from all creature and vegetation. Once you are preparing for Hawaii you need to keep a lot of things that will help you in your stay at Hawaii. There are no dangerous predators or snakes, but there are few plants that will result in bothering when tracking but they are not toxic or harmful. Apart from that there still is a chance for smaller insects that can cause allergy, so make sure to keep with you anti-allergy for fighting all these. The sun at Hawaii is very much good for a tan but I recommend you to keep a sunblock with you so those who are allergic may keep themselves safe. If you are at Hawaii during winters keep in mind to have raincoats and umbrellas with you as the rain showers are very unpredictable so for that you need to be fully prepared beforehand. If you are planning to go visit a Hawaii volcanoes national park be sure not to cross the extreme limit as the heat may not be bearable enough for most of you.

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