Top Tourist Attractions and Places to Visit in Venezuela

Planning a South American Trip? Here are some awesome tourist points to visit in Venezuela.

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Venezuela is a country which is somewhat under-explored and under-visited by tourists. Situated on the North coast of South America, this country boasts a wide range of geographical formations and species of animals due to its nature as one of the most bio diverse countries on the globe. Though media coverage of this beautiful country has been drowned with stories of political problems, Venezuela has a lot of tourist attractions and must-see places. This post will discuss the top tourist points and places to visit in Venezuela.

Angel Falls/Salto Angel

Located at: Auyantepui, Canaima National Park, Bolívar State, Venezuela

Angel Falls - Canaima National Park - Venezuela

Angel Falls – Venezuela (Photo:

Standing as one of the world’s tallest waterfall, Angel Falls or Salto Angel is its traditional name, is a must see for any visitor. It is 979 m or 3,212 feet high drops at Auyantepui Mountain in Canaima National Park in Gran Sabana in Bolivar. Angel Falls is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Venezuela.

Over ten times bigger than Niagara Falls, the view of Angel Falls in Canaima National Park is breathtakingly beautiful. The journey may seem long- as there is no road access you have to take a plane then a boat ride to reach the falls but the wait is worth it, and most tourists stay overnight in the campsites right by Devils Canyon (the base of the falls).



Moulin Rouge

No not the infamous Paris showplace, this Moulin Rouge is a highly popular concert venue in the capital Caracas. The venue plays host to artists from all over the world; the two huge rooms hold live rock bands in one and house, techno DJs in the other and open until 5:30 am this is one of the hotspots for nightlife.

Sierra Nevada National Park

Located: Near Merida City, Venezuela

Sierra Nevada National Park

Sierra Nevada National Park (Photo: Wikipedia)

For the active of those, this is the best place to head to for challenging hiking trails with spectacular views from the height of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Sierra Nevada National Park boasts the highest points in Venezuela, terrain is rocky and not for the unfit but take a trek up Pico Bolivar (the highest peak) and be rewarded with views of the region which few set eyes on.

Antonio Herrera Gutierrez Stadium

Located: Barquisimeto, Venezuela

Antonio Herrera Gutierrez Stadium

Antonio Herrera Gutierrez Stadium, Barquisimeto

This huge stadium is mainly used for baseball matches, home to the local team Cardenales de Lara. This is a great destination for sports fans, you will always be treated to an entertaining game and on breaks the stadium even has dances and firework displays. See games between October and December.

Mercado Principal Market/Mercado Principal de Merida

Located at: Av. Las Américas con Viaducto Miranda, pasos arriba del CICPC., Merida 5101, Venezuela

Mercado Principal de Merida

Mercado Principal Market/Mercado Principal de Merida

Mercado Market is one of the biggest and best markets in Venezuela and the place to head to for shopping if you’re in the city of Merida. Find this bustling market’s stalls stuffed to the brim with groceries, souvenirs, innovative items and an interesting array of local American-Mexican dishes from stuffed meats and to milkshakes with certain health benefits comprised out of questionable ingredients.



So hope you would head for a trip to Venezuela! These visitor attractions would surely make your trip up!

Any feelings alike, drop in the comments box 🙂


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