The Latest Travel Alert for Lebanon

Anyone traveling to Lebanon is doing on his own responsibility. Canadian Government takes the security concerns of its citizens very seriously and keeps providing with on time information in its Travel Advisories. In case of a critical situation which requires immediate evacuation, Government provides safe and secure transportation to the nearest safe location.

The Latest Travel Alert for Lebanon

Avoid unnecessary travel to Lebanon as the recent advisory by Canadian Government suggests.

Areas within 10 kms of Syrian border and the Bekaa Valley in the north, from Rayak to the Syrian Border are declared very critical for traveling.

Recently, there have various incidents been reported around the border of Lebanon and Syria because of the ongoing battle in Syria. Shelling, Incursions and violence in the border adjacent villages of Lebanon are continuously being occurred. The battle between Syrian troops and Free Syrian Army are causing injuries, damage and deaths. Sectarian violence has also been increasing timely in border adjacent areas entailing in incidents of clashes, riots and kidnappings.



Situation of Suburbs of Beirut

On the 2nd day of January 2014, a huge blast took place in Dahieh claimed 5 lives. On November 19th, 2013 two major suicide attacks were made near the Iranian Embassy in Bir Hasan/Al Jnah, the suburban area of Beirut, caused several deaths and injuries and loss of material. The recent history show more attacks in these areas.

More attacks, demonstrations, road blocks and violence may take place. Keep watching local news and look for the advice of local authorities.



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