Itinerary for First Time Camping in a Tent

If you are making a trip with intent to enjoy natural life at a campsite, definitely, you must have all the camping gear like tent, gas cylinder, lamp, sleeping bag and list goes on. Novice adventurers can face trouble in setting up everything perfectly. This post would give idea for tourists seeking help for first time camping in a tent. Let’s see what’s ahead.

Set up the camp immediately as you reach the site. Spending little time on this would make your stay sure comfy and really enjoyable. Before leaving for the trip, it is a good practice to do a rehearsal of setting up the tent at your home. Do it at least a week ago so if you find anything problematic, you may have enough time to settle it up with the shop you bought it from. Seal the seam, check all the parts, and examine it thoroughly making sure there is no rip in the fabric. Be certain with it as this is your first time camping in a tent and you would have no other abode to stay in the wilderness.



Choosing the appropriate point to set your camp up.

Following are some useful tips, either remember or note them for safer camp setup:

Pitch the tent on flat surface which is bit higher

Flat and higher ground would help you prevent the water storage in tent, in case it rains. Flat surface would also save you from rolling down the hill while you are asleep.

Set it distant from the fire pit  

This cautionary step will save the sparks catching the tent.

Avoid dead bushes, branches and trees

If a lightning hurricane comes there, tall and big trees are likely to be hit by lightning strikes. Branches can fall down by heavy wind, so must avoid camping near or down the trees.

Choose a clean surface with no sharp stones or sticks

Sharp stones and sticks can rip the bottom of the tent.

Keep space for other equipments

You would have to some other activities inside such as dining, cooking etc. Leave proper space accordingly.

On the whole, following are the two most important things to keep in mind when camping in a tent first time:

1. Be Patient:

Take it easily, don’t get hurry, first time camping will take time. Practice will make you perfect with this.

2. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions:

Each tent is provided with a manual with useful instructions for setting up your tent. Follow them as it is very important especially if you are novice adventurer.



Setting up the Shelter

After fixing the tent appropriately, you need to set up its shelter. You can place it above the tent for maximum safety or over a set of table and chairs where you could spend your time. Also be careful about placing it near the fire.

It is good to know some basic knots as it will be helpful for you in setting up the shelter. Tie the tarp fully tight to prevent the wind and place the roof in slope to let water flow off.

Setting up the Kitchen in your camp


Bring a picnic table to use it for dining and food preparation. You can also bring a table cloth for it.


Set up the stove near the table making sure it is away from ignitable things like leaves, cloths, handkerchiefs etc.

Kitchen Equipment

Store your kitchen equipment in a large container. You can place it underneath the table with cooler.


Bring a proper trash bag and keep it safe from wild animals. Tie it to a tree branch or place it in the car. Never burn it but dispose it off everyday in the designated places to avoid pollution and hazards to the environment.

Washing Dishes

Just after you complete setting up the camp and shelter, set a wash basin around for doing the dishes. You can tie up a rope between two trees to form a clothesline for wet clothes and towels.

That’s enough. Probably, the information given here should be enough for a novice adventurer for first time camping in a tent however, if you think something useful can be added, you can contact me for that.

And if you are already an expert or you have done your first time camping with the help of this post, share your thoughts in comments.




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