Glittery France in the Christmas Eve Holidays!

Its Christmas time and what better way is there than to spend it in one of the most exotic countries in the world. France, with its beautiful cities and snow covered cathedrals, welcomes everyone with its glowing heart. Here, you shouldn’t be surprised if you chance upon Santas handing out free candies on the roads or the neighbors inviting you for a feast. You shouldn’t even think twice if you hear the jingle of the Old Man’s sledge at midnight, all you got to do is revel in the enigma and beauty that makes up France, a completely different nation at Christmas compared to rest of the year. Then, France is at its best!

Glittery France in Christmas Eve Holidays

Take a leisure walk down the lanes of France, and you will come across everything that sums up Christmas. And I mean everything! From decorated Christmas Trees to beautiful flowers adorning the front doors of every house and colorful lights reflecting on the ever falling snows, it would feel like magic trickling down on your head and through your fingers.



In every house there is a lingering smell of the feast being prepared for the big event, with sinful smells like roasts and desserts and delicious juices to go with. And of course the traditions follow the cue. Almost every French family makes the chocolate Christmas logs and the Three Kings Cake with the legend of hiding a bean in it. So whoever finds the bean in their piece gets to be the King or Queen for the rest of the day. Children hang their shoes near the fireplaces hoping for small gifts like candies and toys and never are they disappointed.

You will find the elderly and the children alike, distributing bread loaves and food to the poor. Because no matter what they may be doing all year round, they believe, from the bottom of their heart, that Christmas is one such time where true happiness is earned in sharing.

The Cathedrals are alight with stories of Christ’s birth and they are often enacted by both players as well as puppets. And almost all Cathedral and house displays the crèche consisting of small clay figures of the Holy Family, shepherds and the Magi. So once the celebrations are over and everyone has retired to bed, they leave the fire burning and food and drinks on the table, in hopes that Virgin Mary might visit them sometimes while they lay cradled and lost in their dreams of Christ the Savior.

Christmas is one occasion where no matter how many times you may have visited France; you have to go back during this time to truly believe in magic travel.


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