Explore Top 10 Tourist Attractions in UK

1 – Farndale – North Yorkshire

Daffodils at Farndale - Yorkshire

Daffodils at Farndale


Farndale is a dream valley located in North Yorkshire, inside North York Moors National Park. It is famous for its beautiful daffodils which are said to have been seeded first time in the world. The breathtaking view of spring daffodils is one of unique attracting proposition in the world. Its magnificent beauty in spring season makes around 40,000 tourists drifting to the UK and then Farndale, North Yorkshire. To reach Farndale, you can come to Kirkbymoorside town and then it is just 5 miles ahead towards south. 

2- Chester Zoo – Cheshire

Red Panda at Chester Zoo - Cheshire

Red Panda at Chester Zoo

Chester zoo, not only a zoological garden but a bliss, adding a perfect place to see for tourists in UK. Take your family and kids, enjoy seeing animals, play mini golf, walk in the gardens, and revel funky face painting. The zoo is not only vast in area but also has been abode for more than 8000 animals of 400 different species including some very dangerous animals of the earth. Chester Zoo is popped in by 1.4 million local and international visitors each year. Reserve a full day for your trip to the zoo, from morning to evening you will be entertaining from your 2 year kids to 60 year grandparents. Zoo is open for visitors from 10:00 AM everyday.

3- Big Ben Clock Tower – London

big ben clock tower london

Big Ben – London

Oldest ornaments on the land of London are proud to have Big Ben Clock Tower which was constructed about 150 years ago. This clock tower is one of the biggest free-standing clock towers on the globe. Your trip to London is meaningless without seeing the Clock Tower. Big Ben does not refer to the tower but to the large 13 ton bell fixed inside the clock tower. Big Ben Tower has become a sign of London city and in documentaries, movies and magazines. Its representation for London expresses its significance as top most tourist attractions in London and UK. 

4- Stonehenge – Wiltshire

Stonehenge England

Stonehenge England


Stonehenge, a strange structure in Wiltshire, UK. It is said to be one of the most seen tourists point of UK. Situated 13 kilometer north from Salisbury and 3.2 kilometer west from Amesbury. It is believed that it was built in 2200 to 2400 BC and now it is the remaining part of that circle of erect stones. There is no proper 100% answer about what actually is it. People visit it to reveal its mysteries and they find it a supernatural place but no one is yet sure what this structure was supposed to make for.

 5 – Lake District

Lake District UK

Lake District

Open the map, zoom in at England, roll your eyes to the North West area and point the finger at Cumbria County. Yes, to make your UK trip memorable, with pictures at a lake with blue silent water, you would have to move to Cumbria.

Lake District is also the biggest park in UK, having lakes in centre, surrounded with greenish mountains producing a romantic combination, making tourists think that it’s the place which I was wandering for. A dream place for every kind of tourists; scenery for nature lovers, mountains for hikers, park for walkers and trekkers becomes a perfect attraction for tourists in UK.

6 – Windsor Castle

Windsor castle is said to be one of the oldest royal fortress in UK. It is the longest resided in castle by royal families for about 10 centuries.

Windsor Castle Berkshire UK

Windsor Castle UK

A stronghold and royal palace, put up in 11th century by William the Conqueror, since some of its were renovated to some extent but still seeing it before you will take you back to StoneAge. If you marked it to visit in your trip, you should need to know location, timings and more. Get further details of Windsor Castle here.

7 – Windermere Ribbon Lake – Cumbria County

Windermere Lake Cumbria

Windermere Lake Cumbria


Windermere is the most well-liked and famous tourist destination of United Kingdom. It is the biggest loch lake which was naturally formed with the movement of glaciers around. A huge congregate of local and international visitors head to Windermere to explore this ribbon lake, to enjoy boat cruising which is chief attraction here. Great North Swim – the biggest open water swimming event was also held at Windermere in September 2008. The glamorous surrounding you will see during boat cruise at Windermere will stick permanently in your conscious and subconscious.

8- Westminster Abbey- London

Westminster Abbey London

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey, an oldest building in London, a worth sightseeing point, and a historical construction from 10th century. It is situated nearby Parliament House, has been the venue of all royal ceremonies of crowning the queens and kings. Since, it is the site for most royal events, Prince William and Kate Middleton also joined the wedlock in Westminster Abbey.

9- Durham Cathedral – Durham City

Durham Cathedral - Durham County

Durham Cathedral

Durham Cathedral is the largest building of Norman Architecture in the UK and Europe. It is situated in Durham city in northeast of United Kingdom. The construction of Durham Cathedral was started in 1093 AD. It has been voted as UK’s most favorite building in a nationwide poll in 2001. From the tower, visitors can enjoy the marvelous sights of Durham city, River Wear and Durham County.

10- Isles of Scilly – Remote UK Islands

Isles of Scilly - Remote UK Islands

Isles of Scilly

Dwell your vacations on a place which nature itself has formed for living in vacations. If you want to live a getaway, Isles of Scilly is the most ideal set of destinations which can host a perfect 7 to 10 days of camping, boating and catering. Plan minimum a week to live peaceful days and nights, away from hurly burly of busy world, enjoy alone, with family or a group of friends. Explore all the isles of this beachside town transporting through boats among the islands and indulge into the joys of living in islands remote from the everyday posh life.

If you have been to any of these destinations, share your thoughts what was your experience during your visit. Or if you are planning a trip to any of these 10, what did you find there, put in the comment box.

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