Dromomania – An Uncontrollable Impulse to Travel

Do you or does any of your friends love traveling? No matter where, no matter how, just pack your things and go somewhere else? The reasons for this kind of behaviour can be different – from stress to adventurer’s spirit. But hey, we have something for you that you may find more than curious.


Tourism is like a drug – once you start, it is very hard to stop just like that. And if you spend more of your time traveling around the country or abroad, we have a news for you – you may be a pathological dromomaniac, or if we have to put this in other words – a pathological tourist. Never heard of that before? Here is some information on this subject.


What is Dromomania?

Dromomania is the urge to travel, visit new places or move constantly from one place to another. You will be surprised to hear that the term “dromomania” is not new, actually. It turns out that one of the most modern psychological diseases of our century was given its name in 1886 after the French locksmith Jean-Albert Dadas returned from his journey from France to Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Austria. After that he was hospitalized and the doctors found out that the man’s most serious problem were his psychological issues and not the physical exhaustion. Dadas couldn’t remember where he was or what he was doing in these countries, and became the first patient of dromomania (the name of the disease comes from Greek, “running” and “mania”).

Dromomania Traveling

Nowadays, thanks to the rapid development of communications and transport, Dadas has millions of followers who have the overwhelming desire to grab their suitcases and hit the road. And while the average person usually plans their trips and vacations only a few times a year, this is a way of live for dromomaniacs.


Do you suffer from Dromomania? Here is how you can find out.

Spontaneous decisions and departures are very common for people who suffer Dromomania. Actually, they make their decisions to move from one place to another pretty easily and their suitcase is always half full, “just in case”. The true dromomaniac is tortured by the thought of staying at one place for a week or so, and their greatest motivation is the thought that the more money they make, the more interesting journeys they will have. Some of them like the bohemian lifestyle best and don’t mind sleeping in a tent, in a sleeping bag, in a strangers’ home and just love to go hitchhiking, which make their journeys not expensive at all.

Traveling Fetish

Check out some of the symptoms of Dromomania here:

1. Your suitcase is always half full.

2. Your greatest motivation to work is making more money for your journeys.

3. You already have some acquaintances at the airports all over the world.

4. You have more friends abroad than in your own country.

5. You usually plan your next journey before coming home from the next one.

6. Waking up at your own bed at home feels strange.

7. Your bedroom is full of souvenirs from all over the world.

8. Tourists in a foreign country asks for some directions and you tell them exactly how to get to their destination without even think about it.

9. You can pack your luggage in less than ten minutes.

10. Thinking of spending the weekend at home provokes a panic attack.

You found out that you had some (or more) of the symptoms? Don’t worry. Dromomaniacs are nothing more than nomads, who are always ready to hit the road and leave their comfortable lives behind their backs. Which, if we have to be honest, makes them true chameleons, at least when their ability to adjust themselves with the situation is concerned.

So who of you feels to be affected of this travel fugue, love to hear your comments.



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