Chinese Harbin Ice and Snow Festival 2014 is Calling for You!

“The 30th Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival has to be observed from January 5, 2014 to February 28, 2014.”

harbin snow festival china

Harbin Ice Festival – Scenic Night Moments
Photograph: Hao Bin/EPA

Winter is the season of festivals and celebrations in all over the world. Chinese region presents one of these kinds of festivals in the whole world that is worth watching and experiencing the priceless fascinations. The international festival of snow and ice is the coolest event of Chinese culture that draws visitors around the world to indulge in the allures of festival that include exuberant opening ceremony with huge fireworks, ice sculpture art expo, snow sculpture competitions, ice skiing, winter swimming, snow safari, dog sledding and much more. The timing of festival starts from 5th January every year, the celebrations and events lasts for about 3 months, which can fill your heart with excitement and joy to spend unforgettable vacations at the snow city of China.




The festival of ice and snow is celebrated at the capital of Heilongjiang Province of China, named Harbin. The festival has its root in year 1985 in the north of China that provides best arctic atmosphere of ice and snow to utilize for the festival. The “Cradle of Ice” is the name given to Harbin by locals due to its ice and snow structures and other fascinations that allures not just natives but also captivates the hearts of faraway tourists in abundant numbers. The most alluring and old display of this festival is traditional ice lanterns that is still most popular among visitors. The festival opens right after the Christmas to let visitors watch sculptors doing their skillful job but the main celebration triggers on 5th January. The best time considered to visit is late January and early February.

Things to do

Major things that you can watch and do during the splendid festival of ice and snow are illustrated here in detail. You can take the pleasure of most attractive events of this festival with wide space and minor time constraint.

  • Most excited display of ice lanterns to fill the night sky with glowing charms
  • Enjoy watching winter swimming, diving and fishing at the frozen River of Songhua
  • Take escape in having fun with your kids to play ice sliding, ice sailing and dog sledding for thrilling experiences
  • Make a family visit to polar land to meet fascinating polar animals
  • Enjoy the food at the food counters all over the ice and snow city
  • Don’t forget to bring your camera along while visiting the marvels of ice, to paint the art pieces on large canvas prints and aggrandize your home with chilled miracles
  • Manchu culture and traditional Chinese attractions are best to explore during the stroll
  • Central street is best to take pleasure of diverse foods of the whole world at one place
  • Explore several parks and decorations made up of ice with shimmering colorful lights

Major attractions

  • Harbin International Snow Sculpture Art Expo

Harbin Sun Island International Snow Sculpture Art Expo is the birth place of Chinese ice sculpture art that makes its place in the tourism of Harbin as the hottest attraction. Every year the spot is fueled with unique displays, new innovation, high quality concepts and more than 60 to 70 days of exhibition. This expo is entitled as the world’s largest ice and snow carnival. The largest snow theme park of china is entertaining its 2.3 million annual visitors with ever new sculptures on every visit.

  • Harbin Ice & Snow Amusement World

From 1999 the city governor of Harbin launched a fairy tale ice world as another sparkling addition to the world of ice and snow to celebrate new millennium. The fairy tale land contain all the elements of Disney in form of crystal clear ice structures and figures. 500,000 square-meter is covered with ice blocks of 200,000 cubic meters. Three scenic areas eat, west and central are built for to allure kids with slides, ice fountains, playgrounds, multi hues ice screen, rides and ice disco to have super fun time at the park.

  • Harbin Ice & Snow Sculpture Festival

Harbin’s ice and snow festival stands out in the most attractive and mind blowing ice festivals of the world. Starting with harbinger lanterns followed by skiing festival, ice competitions and games like ice-hockey, football and fishing etc.



  • Siberian Tiger Park

Manchurian or Dongbei tiger in China is the most thrilling fascination of this festival. China has provided Harbin Siberian Tiger Forest Park as the safe, breeding and research center for Siberian tigers. It spread over 1,440,000 square meters of area that entails over 600 tigers, lion, leopards and jaguars.

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