The Best Surf Spots in Cornwall

Let’s find the best surf spots in Cornwall. With beach breaks, point breaks, reef breaks and sand bars, Cornwall offers waves for every type of surfer – from beginners to surfing legends. The Cornish coastline has been recognized as one of the world’s great surfing destinations for over 40 years, and some of the best surfers in the world started their careers in the area’s chilly Atlantic waters.

Low pressure systems in the Atlantic Ocean are what provide the best waves on the Cornish coast, and surfers flock from all parts of Europe when they see swells on the horizon. Fistral Beach in Newquay has been recognized as one of the best surf spots in the area, but different breaks shine in different swells. Below are some of the best surf spots in Cornwall for your review. These are the most consistent spots on the Cornish coastline that are definitely worth writing home about.

Fistral Beach

fistral beach for surfing

Surfers at Fistral

It doesn’t get much better than a world-class wave that breaks roughly 150 days per year. Fistral Beach, in Newquay, is a right and left beach break with a sandy bottom. Because the wave can accommodate most levels of surfers, it’s almost always crowded (especially on weekends), so if you’re not a local, be respectful and choose your waves wisely. Fistral Beach works from small to overhead, so if you’re in the area during a swell, get in one of the hollow barrels and enjoy the ride.



Bude Area and Widemouth Bay


Widemouth Bay

The Bude area in North Cornwall is known for its infectious surf culture. The coast is flat and sandy allowing for some of the best beach breaks in Cornwall, but the reefs are what take the Bude surf scene over the top. The beach breaks are suitable for all types of surfers, but the reefs are reserved only for the experts who are prepared for fierce currents and jagged rocks.

Widemouth Bay is probably the most famous surf spot in Bude. It’s a right and left, sandy beach break that can be perfect for beginners when the waves are small. It’s not only for amateurs though, Widemouth Bay holds waves over 10 feet when the swell is pumping, and experienced surfers love the speedy rights and lefts on the reef north of the main beach. In my personal opinion, this one is the best surf spots in Cornwall among all the rest. Just look at the scenic beauty in the picture. What a great blue and green combination to enjoy the surfing!


Gwenver from Sennen Cove

Gwenver from Sennen

Gwenver, on the south coast of Cornwall, is one of the most exposed and consistent spots in England. The wave isn’t for beginners, which keeps it a little less crowded than some of the more learner-oriented spots. With a mixture of sand and rock on the seafloor, Gwenver can be dangerous, but it also provides a longer, more powerful ride than most other spots in Cornwall. The wave works from waist-high to double-overhead or bigger, and the barrels are hollow, so don’t be surprised if you snap your board on a big day.

The Cornish coast has always been known for its breathtaking landscape – from vast sandy beaches to eye-popping cliffs. As the surf scene in Cornwall has grown over the past four decades, the area has become known for its incredible waves as well. From three-foot beach breaks to double-overhead swells peeling over jagged reefs, Cornwall certainly has a surf break for everyone.





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