The Art of Holiday Packing! Tips for Packing Your Bag for Holiday

Packing for your summer holidays is really exciting, but it can be easy to get carried away and pack too muchholiday packing travel tips of one thing and not enough of the other! So get your case at the ready and take a look at these tips to being a more organised packer.

Holiday Duration

Carefully consider the number of days and nights that you will be at your holiday destination and pack clothes, cosmetics and accessories accordingly. If space seems to be tight, take items that you will be able to wear with more than one outfit. A t-shirt might be perfect to throw on at the beach, and also fit nicely with a skirt and a pair of heels for the evening (girls!). It is also easy to take more than enough shoes. Shoes take up a lot of room – a pair for the beach, an evening pair and the pair you travel in is usually more than enough, whatever the duration of your holiday. Shampoo bottles and shower gels are also renown for taking up valuable space. If you’re only going away for a few days, there is a wide range of mini travel bottles available which will save you taking the more bulky items.


Think about the climate of your destination and check the weather forecast before you leave. Just because you think it is a hot destination, does not necessarily mean that it will be warm when you get there. Spain, the Greek Islands and the surrounding areas have all experienced thunderstorms throughout the summer. Although these may be quick lived and blue skies will quickly return, it is worth looking at the weather forecast so that you can at least be prepared for the worst if it should happen. Of course, not everybody is heading off to a hot destination this summer. Some people like to escape the heat and travel to a colder destination. If this is the case, make sure that you have also checked the weather conditions as you may need special walking shoes, rain macs or warm clothing.

Health and Safety

It is a good idea to pack a first aid box when you go away. Think about insect bites, sunburn, cuts and bruises and so on. It is always best to be prepared and even if it does add extra weight your suitcase, a first aid box really is very important. If something should happen, communicating with the locals can be difficult if you aren’t sure how to explain a problem in that language. Having emergency supplies could prevent this.

Holiday Money

Find out about the currency before you leave. Holiday money rates are not very good at the airport, so do not leave it until the last minute before you get your exchange in. The Post Office is a good place to get your money exchanged beforehand, but there are also many online retailers who are able to offer you really good exchange rates for a variety of currencies across the world. These can even be delivered directly to you at short notice so that you do not need to travel out to find them. A lot of people don’t like to have all of their cash on them whilst traveling, and tend to put a small amount hidden in their suitcase, just in case.

Packing need not to be so stressful, just ask yourself if you really need certain items (lets face it girls, we only end up wearing half the clothes we take anyway!). More than often, the answer is no, and you can use this space to fit in the complete necessities. Happy packing!


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